#Mentoo: it’s just not about the women only!

Claiming the fact that more than 51% of men commit suicide out of the entire fake and fabricated allegation against them for sexual harassment, an NGO named Purush ayog held a peaceful demonstration in the National capital. The NGO was demanding justice for all those men who have been falsely trapped in the fake sexual harassment by their female counterparts at work, home or elsewhere. The number is ever increasing and if reports are to be believed, there have been more men than women being sexually harassed across the globe in the recent times.

The situation is persistent in almost every country around, be it India, US or UK and when we talk about the legal framework within these countries, it’s no support by any means. Just a while back, one of the top most management executives of an Indian IT firm committed suicide after being wrongly accused for a sexual harassment case against him. The employee was alleged for sexual harassment charges by two of the female counterparts at their workplace and the management eventually suspended him without looking much into the facts and evidence in the same regards.

Quite interestingly, it was later been found that all the claims were actually faked and there was no ground proof provided by the management to support their allegations in the same regards. This was something which led to an outrage amongst the social circles and within no time, thousands of people from different communities and fields came into the support of the deceased employee. Demonstrations on streets got followed by millions of tweets and posts on the social media and people from all walks shown their concern towards the same issue.

The #Mentoo movement is a result of the same and whilst this was a demonstration which was been held at the national capital few weeks back, the organizers are planning to take down the streets of Mumbai in the coming weeks. A number of celebrities have lent their support to the same movement and that also involves some of the famous names like Pooja bedi, Avinash Gowariker, Manish Pandey and so on. Almost all of them have strongly criticized the approach of the society and the judiciary towards the plight of thousands of struggling men around the country and slammed the unethical biasness shown by them in the process.

Pooja bedi, whilst commenting on the same issues, said” Are the men of your family oppressing you or other women of your family? If so.. Stand up against them. That's empowerment. If a man is being victimized & falsely accused.. Stand up for them. That's ALSO empowerment. Crime has NO gender. Neither does standing up for justice.” On the other side, Avinash Gowariker also voiced his strong opinion in the same regards whilst quoting,” we must be ashamed of ourselves if we are still considering only women as the victims of the many sexual harassment cases around. It’s a common stigma which needs to be dealt with without adjudging someone as a culprit simply on the basis of their gender. If we have to bring on the change for something, we must start it first from ourselves. Society is here to believe whatever they are made to hear or see and that must not be taken as evidence to adjudge someone as a criminal by any means”.

On the other side, Pandey also raised his concern by saying,”Both the judiciary and the government have to do something in the same context and this is the only way out for us to look forward towards a better world. We may call ourselves as an advanced country but incidents like these are still taking us back into the Stone Age”.

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